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What’s the problem?

Mold, mildew and microbes are the dreaded “M-words” that contaminate indoor environments of all types. They strike fear in the hearts of Parents, Students and Education Institutions.

And it’s no wonder. Infestations by these persistent biological pests often result in serious health problems, ravaged property values, emotional stress and financial ruin. The problems have been well documented in the media. Each year “sick building syndrome” affects schools, factories, apartment buildings, offices and even hospitals. Resistant strains of bacteria (Ecoli, MRSA, etc) contaminate sports facilities, health clubs, cruise ships and even prisons. Virus out breaks (Swine flu, Norovirus) can terrorize your employees and customers to avoid your property. Toxic mold problems are especially prevalent in moist environments and following natural disasters such as hurricanes or floods.

Serious infestations can drive people from their homes and businesses.

Athletic Facilities

Professional and scholastic athletes cannot compete to the best of their ability when they aren’t feeling their best. That’s one of the main reasons why professional sports franchises, collegiate teams and civic arenas call on A Green Circle to treat their athletic facilities.

mPact is proud to partner with A Green Circle to introduce the GamePlan-4-Sports and GamePlan-4-Turf Antimicrobial programs. A Green Circle represents these sophisticated technologies and advanced application protocols throughout the United States in the sports and athletic marketplace.

Unique 3-step approach??Our GamePlan service package is changing the way the world tackles microbial treatment and prevention. EveryGamePlan is tailored to the specific requirements of the home or business at hand and follows three important steps:??

TESTING: ?Others provide “cookie cutter” solutions that are the same for every customer. But we always identify specific problems and their sources before we recommend solutions. In cases where problems are obvious, the testing step may include nothing more than a visual walk-through. In other cases, air sampling techniques, surface swabs and even thermal imaging may be required to provide benchmark data about contaminants that may be present.?

?2. TREATMENT:?We tailor treatment recommendations based on our findings. We   strive to limit the invasiveness---and in turn, the cost----of treatments and repairs that are necessary to solve your indoor contamination problems. Our motto is “Fix what’s broken, save what’s not.” Recommendations range from simple clean up and treatment with our exclusive mPale® Antimicrobial to improved air filtration, repair of moisture leaks, replacement of compromised walls or floors, disinfectant measures, and preventive treatments.??

3. PREVENTION & MAINTENANCE:?Pre-testing helps us identify the problems. Post-testing verifies that they have been addressed. Test data is verified by an independent laboratory, so you can be certain that results are accurate and objective. But it is our long-term service contracts that provide real peace of mind. We offer a variety of plans that cover annual reinspections, re-testing and/or periodic service calls. We’ll present all the options and help you determine the appropriate level of service when we discuss your personalized GamePlan.








A Green Circle’s GamePlan service package has big advantages

Less Invasive- Treatment with as little demolition and rebuilding as possible.         Electrostatic binder allows the coatings to be sprayed insides wall cavities without tearing them down.

More effective-Our intergraded array of cleaners, disinfectants, and antimicrobials are formulated to work together to control contamination.

Faster- Full treatment can usually be handled in days instead of months…with far less disruption for occupants.

Lower cost-  Far less expensive than demolition-based remediation.

Longer Lasting- AGC Antimicrobial does not dissipate or lose effectiveness over time like bleaches and chemical poisons.

More Versatile- AGC Antimicrobial treats existing contamination…but can also be used solely as a preventive treatment.

More Efficient- Electrostatic charge attracts and kills microbes that chemical poisons miss.

Better for the Environment- Mechanical kill method means microbes cannot develop resistances.

Moisture Resistant-Our products are non soluble in water. So it doesn’t wash off or become diluted if it becomes wet.

Multi-purpose-AGC Antimicrobial is effective on almost any surfaces including building materials, carpet, fabrics and countertop materials.

All inclusive- With aGamePlan annual service contract, we cover annual re-inspections and handle any issues that may arise.

Our mPale® Antimicrobial puts proven

technology to a new use

Our research team set out to find a better solution. We tapped into a proven, patented antimicrobial technology first developed by Dow Chemical in the 1970’s, known as AEGIS Microbe Shield®. We quickly realized that this technology was the key to a less invasive, longer-term solution to interior contamination. We signed a contract to become the exclusive United States provider of AEGIS for indoor environments and made it the key ingredient in our mPale® Antimicrobial.

mPale is EPA registered (EPA Reg. No. 83129-1) and extremely effective against mold, fungi, algae and most harmful bacteria. The beauty of this technology is that it controls microorganisms without chemical poisons. Instead, it relies on electrically charged particles that have a unique spiked molecular structure. In nature, most microbes carry the opposite electrical charge---so they are physically and irresistibly drawn into contact with mPale’s pointed molecules. The physical contact punctures the cell walls of the offending microbes. These molecular spikes are undetectable to human touch, but more than a match for single-cell organisms.

Affordable protection that lasts!

To add long-term effectiveness, we merged these distinctive molecules with a sprayable, binder that adheres invisibly to nearly any natural or man made substance---including walls, floors, countertops, carpet and upholstery. So, mPale provides lasting protection that won’t wash away or lose its virulence over time. It is equally effective as a treatment for existing contamination or as a long-term, invisible safeguard against future problems. Because this technology is so efficient and cost effective, it has gained a lot of attention in the news media. And while competitive companies often claim access to our technology, only our authorized service providers are licensed to employ mPale with AEGIS Microbe Shield® Technology.

mPerial is our exclusive cleaner, sanitizer and deodorizer. This product is registered by the EPA as a germ killer and fungicide and is authorized for use in food preparation areas. It is specially formulated for compatibility with our mPale Antimicrobial.

MOXIE Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

MOXIE is the ideal cleaner and anti-mold prep treatment for “soft surfaces” such as carpets, draperies, fabrics and upholstery. This detergent based cleaner is specially blended to perform as a surface prep for our mPale Antimicrobial.

G.R.I.P. Grease Remover for Industrial Projects

This heavy-duty cleaner is strong enough for commercial usage, but is also used as a pre-treatment for moderate and heavy residential contamination. G.R.I.P. is formulated to boost the effectiveness of the patented mPale Antimicrobial treatment.

Call us to today to find out how our GamePlan can help your Institution be sanitized.

Brands and Products using the ÆGIS Microbe Shield® Technology

now found in the mPale Product

                                                   (Partial Listing)

Franklin Sports:                               Hockey Equipment (From Junior leagues to NHL), 

Baseball batting gloves, Soccer Equipment, Supports (jockstraps, ankle, knee and elbow braces).

Asics Corp.:                                   Track wear-college and professional, Running Apparel

New Balance:                                 Running Shoes

Nike:                                           Shoe Socks

Reebok:                                       Adventure Shoe (lining)

Rockport:                                      Insole Lining

Red Wing:                                     Irish Setter & Vasque Boots (lining)

Adidas:                                        Equipment Socks (Specialty Sports)

Russell Corp:                                  Uniform Fabric

Marks & Spencer:                            Shoes, Socks, Pantyhose, and Towels

Kayser Roth:                                  Socks (Timberland Mountain Athletic, Burlington,

Farrah, Golden Lady)

US Army:                                      Running Shorts, Socks

Exoffico:                                       Undergarments

Med-Gen:                                     Athletic Support Products

Allegiance:                                     Surgical Drapes, Surgical Covers

Kimberly Clark:                                Reusable Cleaning Wipes

Chuck & Dwight Co., Inc.:                    Brillo® All Purpose Cleaning Pads

Springs:                                       Shower Curtains, Mattress Pads

Burlington Industries:                         Clean room Garments, sport socks

US Gypsum:                                  Ceiling Tiles

Artex:                                          Table Linens for Disney World/Commercial Laundries

Combe International Inc.:                    Odor-Eaters®

Mountville Mills:                               Commercial Floor Mats

ETC. Carpet:                                  Commercial Carpeting

MicroTouch:                           Computer Touch Screens

SC Johnson & Son:                  Household Products

Elk:                                            Roofing Shingles

Spalding Sports Worldwide:          Athletic Socks

Schering-Plough Healthcare:         Dr. Scholls® inserts 

AHP (Associated Hygienic Products):        Drypers (top sheet next to baby’s skin)

Wilson Sporting Goods:                       Sports Socks

Bike:                                           Athletic Products

Sperry Topsider:                              Shoes

North American Rescue Products:           Medical Litters/medical bags

Retailers Specifying Products with the ÆGIS Microbe Shield Technology now found in the mPale Product

(Partial Listing)

Marks & Spencer




J.C. Penney’s


Dayton Hudson (Target)



Dunham’s Discount Sports

Big 5 Sports

Dollar General

Family Dollar

Sports Authority

Belk’s Department Stores

North American Rescue Products

Dillard’s Department Stores

Raw Material Manufacturers Using the

ÆGIS Microbe Shield Technology now found in the mPale Product

(Partial Listing)

Albany International:          Primaloft Fiberfill

Dupont:                                Dacron Fiberfill

Wellman:                              Fiberfill

Kyung Bang:                          Fiberfill

Far East Textile:                      Fiberfill

Foamex:                               PU Foam

Time Release Tech:                  PU Foam

Prime Leather:                        Shoe Leather, Upholstery

Pittards:                               Shoe, Bag and Glove Leather

1HWA:                                 Natural Yarn

HwaLong:                             Nylon & Polyester Yarn

Alamac Knits:                         Knitted Fabric

Burlington:                             Performance Wear

PFG:                                   Performance Fabrics

Synthetic Industries:          Outdoor Fabrics

At this time these are the primary customers that a Raw Materials Manufacturer is likely to recognize. 

Businesses and Athletic Facilities Treated Using the

mPale with ÆGIS Microbe Shield Technology

(Partial Listing)

mPale with The ÆGIS Microbe Shield Technology is used to protect entire indoor environments from bacterial, yeast and algae and fungi (mold and or mildew) contamination.  The same chemistry found in ÆGIS is now incorporated into the mPale product and provides a chemical shield that protects the surfaces onto which it is applied preventing the growth of a broad range of single cell microorganisms. The application provides the building owner with a warranty that provides an unmatched level of confidence as it limits the building owner’s future liability while protecting their investment from microbial contamination.  The ÆGIS Microbe Shield Technology has been used to treat many buildings around the world which have exhibited “sick building syndrome.”


Jack in the Box Restaurants-Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Lubbock, TX

Ohio State University James Cancer Research Center-Columbus, OH

The Phoenix Heart Institute-Phoenix, AZ

Northwestern University Hospital-Chicago, IL

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.-Asia Pacific Headquarters

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts-Singapore

Whitney Lakes Residential Development-Charleston, SC 900+ residential and retail units

Palmetto Bank Building-Pendelton, SC

M. D. Anderson Cancer Center-Houston, TX

Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital-NYC, Cancer floors, R&D wing

Mills Mill Lofts Development-Sprinkler Riser Room & Residences-Greenville, SC

Kyrus Building-Greenville, SC

Mills Mill Retail Development-Coffee Shop, Greenville, SC

Equestrian Cottage Model Home for ALLORA-Greenville, SC & Asheville, NC

Covington/Tutman Builders-Greenville, SC

HiLine Builders-Centralia, WA

Brighten @ Medford Nursing Home-Medford, MA

RiverPlace Center 1-Greenville, SC

Stephanie’s Restaurant-Doylestown, PA

Rocky Creek Apartments for Wachovia-Greenville, SC

Ivey Creek Apartments for Wachovia-Atlanta, GA

Poinsett Corners-Residential & Retail Development, Greenville, SC

BB&T Bank Building-Greer, SC

Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre-Singapore

DBS Banks-Singapore

South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCEG) Central Laboratory-Lake Murray, SC

Forum Galleria Shopping Centre and Office Tower-Singapore

The Regent Hotel-Singapore

Piedmont Rural Telephone Cooperative Headquarters-Laurens, SC

Ocean Keys Resort-N. Myrtle Beach, SC

W.B. Properties-Sunset Beach, NC

St. Philips Catholic Church-Statesville, NC

Blackwelder & Associates-Concord, NC

Association Services [property management]-Hilton Head Island, SC

Sea Trail Resort-Sunset Beach, NC

BB&T, Commercial Buildings and Branch Facilities-Frederick, MD

Athletic Facilities:

Minnesota Vikings Training Facility-Minneapolis, MN

Miami Heat Training and Locker Facilities-Miami, FL

Cleveland Browns Training and Locker Room Facilities-Cleveland, OH

Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Thrashers athletic facilities-Atlanta, GA

Milwaukee Bucks Training and Locker Facilities-Milwaukee, WI

Detroit Pistons Training and Locker Room Facilities -Detroit, MI

New Jersey Nets Training and Locker Room Facilities -Meadowlands

Washington Redskins Locker Rooms and Training Facility-VA

Ohio State University athletic facilities-Columbus, OH

Washington Wizards Training and Locker Facilities-Washington, DC

University of Illinois Locker Rooms and Training Facilities-Champaign, IL

Southern Illinois University Locker Rooms and Training Facilities-Carbondale, IL

University of Tulsa Locker Rooms and Training Facilities-Tulsa, OK

Southeast Missouri State Locker Rooms and Training Facilities-Cape Girardeau, MO

Colleton River Plantation: Nicklaus and Dye Clubhouses-Bluffton, SC

Highlands Country Club-Highlands, NC

Warwick Hills Country Club-Detroit, MI

Virginia Tech-athletic facilities, Blacksburg, VA

University of South Carolina-Athletic offices, Training and Locker Room Facilities -Columbia, SC

Cal State Bakersfield- Training and Locker Room Facilities -Bakersfield, CA

Swarthmore College- Training and Locker Room Facilities, Swarthmore, PA

Thiel College- Training and Locker Room Facilities, Greenville, PA

Winthrop University-Indoor Softball Practice Bldg-Spartanburg, SC

Schools Treated Using the

mPale with ÆGIS Microbe Shield Technology

(Partial Listing)

Greenville (SC) County Schools (67 sites)

        Westcliffe Elementary

        East Gant (Cashion Elementary)

        Simpsonville Elementary

        Slater-Marietta Elementary

        Paris Elementary

        Blythe Academy

        Golden Strip Elementary-Phase I

Berea Middle School

Overbrook CDC

Blue Ridge Middle School

Stone Elementary

Mitchell Road Elementary   

Bells Crossing Elementary

Mauldin Elementary

Woodland Elementary

Augusta Circle Elementary

Mauldin High School

J L Mann High School

Westcliffe Elementary

Simpsonville Area Middle School

Mountain View Elementary

Riley CDC

Sara Collins Elementary

Cone Sans Souci

Sue Cleveland Elementary

Monaview Elementary

Washington Center

Roper Mountain Science Center

Golden Strip Career Center

Pelham Rd Elementary

Tanglewood Middle School

Grove Elementary

Taylors Bus Center

Tigerville Elementary

Brook Glen Elementary

Donaldson Career Center

Enoree Career Center

Buena Vista Elementary

Hillcrest High School

Golden Strip Career Development Center

Northwest Cresent Career Development Center

Paul Lawrence Dunbar Career Development Center

Greenview Elementary

Sevier Middle School

West Greenville School Ctr

Woodmont High School

Plain Elementary

Blue Ridge High School

League Middle School

Beck Middle School

Carolina High School

Lakeview Middle School

Riverside High School

Travelers Rest High School

Taylors Elementary

Berea High School

Woodmont Middle School

Gateway Elementary

South Area Middle

Wade Hampton High School

Northwood Middle School

South Area Elementary

Fine Arts Center

Greenville High School

AJ Whittenberg Elementary

Eastside High School

Greenville Middle School

J. Harley Bonds Center

Southside High School

Port Charlotte High School and Library (FL)

Campbell County Schools (KY)

Limestone College, Fort Hall Dormitory-Gaffney, SC

Xavier University, Brockman Hall lower level and Tuckers Gathering Hall-Cincinnati, OH

College of Charleston, Berry Dormitory-Charleston, SC

Manatee Community College (FL)

Baltimore City Public Schools (MD)

Greenville Tech, Buck Mickel Center, Dental School-Greenville, SC

Westminster Presbyterian Day School (new & existing classrooms)-Greenville, SC

Widener College-Moll Residence Hall, New Residence Hall, Kapeleski Residence Hall, Boettner Residence Hall-Chester, PA

University of South Carolina-Swearingen Engineering Bldg-Columbia, SC

Summary Reasons for using the

mPale with ÆGIS Microbe Shield Technology

Materials treated with the mPale with ÆGIS Microbe Shield technology can be tested in a matter of minutes at the mill, distribution center or the facility to identify proper application and activity levels.  The mPale with ÆGIS Microbe Shield Technology is registered for many uses such as applications on shoes, shoe linings, medical garbs, textiles, upholstered goods, building materials including metal and wood framing,  carpets, dry wall, ceiling tile, and roofing shingles. The low cost of the mPale with ÆGIS Microbe Shield Technology makes it very affordable to protect branded products from odor-causing bacteria and fungus. 

A wide range of reasons why any product, people mover, school, restaurant, church, transportation vehicle, hospital, commercial building or home should use the mPale with ÆGIS Microbe Shield Technology:

EPA Registered in the United States since 1976

Used around the world in hospitals, commercial buildings, residences, schools, textiles

A proven safe, effective science with no known product failures

Manufactured in an ISO 9002 certified facility by one of the world’s most respected companies

Micro-polymer silane technology that molecularly bonds directly and permanently to the substrate

mPale with ?GIS Technology is not consumed by the microorganism-does not produce adaptive organisms

Does not off gas or bleed off the surface onto which it has been applied

Does not use heavy metals or poisons as found in most other antimicrobials

Physically controls and eliminates microorganisms on contact and remains on the surface to fight again

The exclusive mPale with ?GIS Technology controls a wide range of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, algae and yeast

Does not migrate from the surface-mPale with ?GIS Technology will not transfer from the surface to your skin or leach into the environment

Colorless, odorless application

Backed by mPact Environmental Solutions, LLC multi-year warranty

An integral part of the holistic approach to providing the best available Indoor Environmental Quality

Tremendous cost to value ratio

Tagging agent can be incorporated into the mPale product to provide a foolproof way to verify validity; (requires license from manufacturer and an X-Ray Fluorescent Reader to read the tagging agent.)