Innovative Sealing Solutions, Inc.

     Innovative Sealing Solutions, Inc. is fast becoming the leader in protective coatings for natural stones, glass, metals and many other natural and synthetic materials in the Southern California area. Using Micro MED's proprietary and patented nanotechnology sealers, Innovative Sealing Solutions has proven in the field that there are no better products to protect natural stones or glass.

       All materials have shown to be porous under the microscope, and this is where Micro MED’s sealers address the problems with trying to preserve the “natural beauty” of  stones such as marble and granite. Through nanotechnology Micro MED has reached down to the molecular level to penetrate the surfaces and covalently bond with the molecules of the applied material,  thus creating a denser shield of protection for your natural stones, glass, metals and other materials. This is the newest technology that scientific research has developed to provide homes with a cleaner, greener and non toxic solution for a better living environment.

      There are way too many dangerous chemicals in homes in the way of cleaning products, protective coatings, wood finishes, plastics, petroleum-based synthetic materials, treated fabrics, tap water and poor/old plumbing, pharmaceuticals, unkempt areas, pets, insects, parasites, carpet and dust mites, cigarette smoke, malodors, germs and viruses, fungi and so much more that it’s affecting the well-being of anyone that spends even a modicum of time in a closed indoor environment ( referred to as “sick building syndrome (SBS).

So what is the solution? How is one expected to keep their living environment clean without the use of chemicals? What do you use against fungi, germs, malodors, mites, VOCs (volatile organic compounds-toxic gas emitted by synthetic products that cause a variety of harmful symptoms to one’s health), etc?

       Introducing Photocatalyst, a semi permanent application that continuously disinfects and deodorizes your home. Titanium dioxide/photocatalyst is a non toxic odor-free chemical that breaks malodors (cigarette smoke, urine, fecal matter, mildew and other bacterial growths/odors, chloride compounds, exhaust from automobiles, VOCs…) down by utilizing UV rays from the sun or artificial light sources (florescent or black lights) into harmless carbon dioxide and water. As long as  the photocatalyst is not covered over by dust, grime, paint or whatever, it’ll continue to be active for years.

       The latest generation of photocatalyst is mPact. This technology, exclusive to Aegis,  are “spiked” molecules that are positively charged. This causes negatively charged molecules or organisms to get “pulled” into the spike causing the breakdown of its cellular walls and electrocuting what’s left of the microbe. This method is preferable to an antibiotic which may kill the bacteria, but leave behind deadly toxins secreted by the bacteria (see: or using toxic chemicals that leave behind deadly residuals for you and your loved ones. If you take the time to review the Photocatalyst section, you will see that this product is highly effective against E. coli, the Staph virus (hospital’s nightmare), and Anthrax (one of the deadliest bacteria used in biological warfare) all without any “side effects” or harmful residuals. Plus, this new generation does not require UV rays to “activate” its potentials. It works continuously even in the dark!

        Innovative Sealing Solutions, Inc. is going to provide you with Solutions to your problems either by professional services, do-it-yourself efforts, or a combination of both.