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For Granite:

 To ensure your satisfaction with Micro MED, we offer the following Limited Lifetime Warranties to the original purchaser as long as you own your home: the Micro MED sealer is  guaranteed not to flake, chip, or cause damage to the treated surface. If the treated surface gets stained, then Innovative Sealing Solutions, Inc. will come out and remove the stain and reseal the surface free of charge.

 The protective repellency will last as long as you own your home if it is properly cleaned with Micro MED’s after-care products: Diamond Daily/Diamond Green Wash Weekly. If it is determined that the treated surfaces were cleaned with other products as Windex, Lime Away, 409, Pinesol, Comet, Ajax, and others, the warranty will be rendered null and void. The customer must understand that using Micro MED’s after-care products is what rejuvenates the sealer with its usage, thereby giving it a long lasting protection and a Lifetime Warranty.

For Floors/ Calcites and Slate:

 Expected wear will vary depending upon the hardness and texture of the treated surface, and the composition of the material. As some Calcites (Marble, Travertine, Limestone) breakdown, chip, flake, crack, or lose fillers (epoxy, grout), Innovative Sealing Solutions, Inc. cannot guarantee staining caused by these variables. What needs to be understood by the customer, is that some of these softer stones will wear down from heavy traffic because of its composition. As it wears down, so does the sealer. The sealer is meant to prevent staining, but will not prevent the wearing down of the material from usage.

 The Micro MED floor protective treatment process is under warranty for five years against any adverse change to the sealed surface, including appearance, visual clarity, and staining of the sealed surface.  On marble, limestone, travertine and slate, this process reduces but will not prevent surface wear or etching from acidic liquids such as juice, vinegar, alcohol or caustic chemicals.

 If the application is outdoors, it may be necessary to lightly re-apply Phi-O every two years to restore lost quality due to the effect of UV light from the sun.  This effect only occurs on the very top surface of the stone.  The reapplication is to replace only the top surface protection.  The deeper protection that prevents algae and mildew growth and deep penetration of water, minerals, and oils remains for at least five years.

 To maintain the protective treatment on the sealed floor surface, Innovative Sealing Solutions, Inc.   recommends using Micro MED’s Stone Wash. The Micro MED's Stone Wash should be used every month: Stone Wash not only removes marks and stains, but it also refreshes the protective coating on the floor and preserves the non sticking and stain resistant properties.  The Stone Wash is also recommended for heavy duty cleaning.

 The warranty is void if acidic, highly alkaline or abrasive cleaners are used or if steam or high pressure water cleaning is used.


 Maintenance: Please do not use Squeegees on the treated surfaces. Simply wipe the shower door twice a week with a Micro Fiber cloth to remove body oils, soap residues, and hard water deposits.

 The protective qualities will be enhanced and the performance prolonged perpetually by a weekly cleaning of your glass with the Diamond Blue Repellant Wash, which maintains an ultra-repellant surface on the glass.

 The Micro MED surface protective treatment eliminates the need for strong detergents and other household cleaners. While it is chemically resistant, using ammonia (Windex), acid based cleaners or abrasive materials like Comet on your glass can reduce the Micro MED repellent qualities and could void your warranty. 

 Maintained properly, Innovative Sealing Solutions, Inc. will warranty your glass for as long as you own your home.

Stainless Steel and other Metals:

 Innovative Sealing Solutions, Inc.  will guarantee any staining to your metal surfaces for a period of 5 years. All metal surfaces must be cleaned with Micro MED’s Steel Wash to maintain its warranty. Any other cleaners found to be used on the treated surfaces will render the warranty null and void. Micro MED’s sealers will not prevent caustic chemicals or acids from harming your metals. The treated surfaces will shine better than new, be cleaned easily with the Steel Wash
(an environmentally safe and biodegradable cleaner), and prevent any staining from normal usage. Try the new Diamond Green Wash Weekly on your stainless steel...testing has shown it to be an above grade cleaner for stainless steel.