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               Within the Services section, you will find the types of professional services that you can request to have the problems
in your home or place of business resolved. Innovative Sealing Solutions, Inc. is reliable in service, dedicated to the tasks at hand,
thorough in their work ethics, and will provide you with a better than new look in whatever areas that you need addressed.  
Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.
                Innovative Sealing Solutions, Inc. will practice what they preach and use only non toxic cleaners or steam in your
home/business. The only exception will be the use of denatured alcohol which is used as a final prep prior to sealing…it removes
 residuals to allow for a maximum bonding and penetration of the sealers.

                All after care cleaning products from Tekon are non toxic with no VOCs and are biodegradable.

The use of proper cleaning products cannot be stressed enough. They were produced to work in tandem with the sealers in order
to rejuvenate its effectiveness:  little bit of the sealers are imparted into the cleaning products. Micro fiber cloths should be your tool
of choice for cleaning in lieu of rags, sponges, scrubbers, etc. Please read why they are so effective for cleaning in the Product section.
                For the do-it-yourselfers, I’m sorry to say that most of the sealers from Tekon are licensed-based for the professional applicator
who has been trained in the application and handling of these products. However, retail kits are available upon request, even though
they don’t have the effectiveness of the sealers used by the professionals.
                The most important part in keeping your home clean still comes back to the homeowner: how it is maintained and by what
cleaning products and methods of cleaning are implemented will determine how environmentally friendly and safe your home will be
for your family and guests.