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               The services rendered by Innovative Sealing Solutions, Inc. are extensive. It may be as small as a single vanity top, to the entire home from floor to ceiling (called Tek Homes). Whatever your needs are, Innovative Sealing Solutions,  will accommodate you and work with your time constraints and budgets.

                Just about anything can be sealed or treated:  all natural stones,  glass, metals, wood, painted surfaces, plastics, fiber glass, fabrics, carpets, grout…

               If you wish to employ a professionalphoto catalyst/mPact treatment,  then  Innovative Sealing Solutions will work in tandem with A Green Circle to set up a “Game Plan”. The mPact treatment is the product that retains its effectiveness even without UV rays from the sun or artificial light sources. If you want to treat your areas by yourself,  Innovative Sealing Solutions will soon have available a product called RSP (Restore, Shine, Protect) from A Green Circle that will retail for around $36.00/16 oz. This product requires UV rays in order to activate its effectiveness.

               All areas to be sealed are thoroughly cleaned first and then a final cleaning is done after sealing. Prices for sealing will include specific cleaning products for proper applications in order to start you off on the right foot.

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