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          Why is Micro Med/Diamond Seal Systems more effective than other sealers, including impregnators?

How does Diamond Seal Systems Work?

What can Diamond Seal Systems products treat?

How is Diamond Seal Systems applied?

Why does Diamond Seal Systems work so well on granite, glass, and metals?

Who is Diamond Seal Systems?

How to contact Innovative Sealing Solutions, Inc. ?

Q: Why is Diamond Seal Systems more effective than other sealers, including impregnators?

A:  Diamond Seal Systems's proprietary and patented technology is nano-based. Nanotechnology is done on a molecular level. The advantages here
are that the sealing molecules can penetrate more readily and deeper into the surfaces. In addition, the adhesion is way more
efficient at the atomic level where a molecular covalent bond is actually formed between the sealers and the applied surfaces.
The sealer actually helps to strengthen the material it is applied to. Since this is done at a molecular level, it also means that there is a
denser surface protection given as more molecules of the sealer bond over these applied areas. Better penetration, superior bonding
and adhesion, and denser surface protection is the best that science has to offer today through Diamond Seal Systems and Innovative Sealing Solutions, Inc.

Q: How Does Diamond Seal Systems Work ?

A: Diamond Seal Systems fills in the microscopic roughness of the glass surface with a permanent hydrophobic,

and anti-static coating that repels water and dust

... rendering the glass similar to zircon, blocking corrosive water spotting from sprinklers, tap water, ocean air, condensation, and or other

repetitive wet/dry exposures. Diamond Seal Systems sealers prevent the magnesium in water from bonding to the glass.

Regular maintenance with the Diamond Blue Wash  rejuvenates the sealer to keep its effectiveness for the life of the product when used properly.

Q: What can Diamond Seal Systems products treat?

A: Diamond Seal Systems bonds and seals to almost all hard surfaces such as:













And more

Diamond Seal Systems treatment keeps products cleaner and brighter by repelling water, dust and environmental contaminants that cause corrosion,
oxidation and staining. Maintenance is greatly reduced and harmful chemicals are avoided altogether.

Q: How to apply Diamond Seal Systems ?

A: Prior to any sealing, the surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned whether it’s a new installation or an old one.

The Diamond Seal Systems coating system includes a family of clear liquids that interact with the molecular structure of a full range of materials. Glass,
metal , plastic and stone vary in protocol, but all are simply wiped on and wiped off after the appropriate cure time for each different sealer
and surface application.. Automated in-line stations can be engineered for specific high volume applications. Manual methods are adapted

The final wash station uses Diamond Seal Systems materials to clean and seal. A clear liquid is then applied on the glass and vinyl. And, then the next station
wipes it off. Diamond Seal Systems can then be applied to large surfaces with a micro-fiber pad and wiped off with a dry pad. A final cleaning is then done with
the Diamond Blue Wash.

Q: Why do Diamond Seal Systems products work so well on glass, ceramics and metals ?

A: Diamond Seal Systems coatings are very thin - typically 0.001". Diamond Seal Systems coatings are also derived from silicate chemistry and derive their useful properties
from the ability to chemically react with glass, ceramics and metals to form durable coatings.

Diamond Seal Systems coatings are too thin to contain any significant amount of a bactericidal additive. The need is for a bactericide that is (a) effective in
thin coatings, (b) non-fugitive, (c) washable,(d) transparent / colorless, (e) can be replenished, and (f) have surface antimicrobial activity.

So far, one compound has been identified that is effective as an additive in Diamond Seal Systems coatings. This compound is a commercially available
compound in the class of quaternary ammonium salts. It also contains the silicate chemistry required to react in with the Diamond Seal Systems coatings to
impart permanence.

Q: Who is Micro Med/Diamond Seal Systems?

A: Diamond Seal Systems is the parent company of Innovative Sealing Solutions, Inc.

Innovative Sealing Solutions, Inc. uses all of Diamond Seal Systems products for their services. Diamond Seal Systems has developed or holds
all rights to their product line. A solid member of the Better Business Bureau, the US Green Building Council,  and
the National Glass Association, Diamond Seal Systems  offers non toxic sealing and cleaning solutions to your home. Through
Research and Development, Diamond Seal Systems keeps evolving and improving on their product lines, and is second to none
when it comes to quality and effectiveness which is lab and field tested and proven to work.

Q: How to Contact Innovative Sealing Solutions, Inc.?

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